A Market Research and Marketing Plan for LSQC Senior High School

Keywords: Marketing Plan, LSQC SHS , Market research, LLEAP, & Lourdes School

Year Published: 2018

Research Promoter: Mr. Patrick Aure

Adriano, M., Alcaraz, X., Guinto, M., Navelgas, J., Castro, T., Lim, M., Napenas, E., Palencia, L., Yap, D., & Enriquez, C. (2018). A Market Research and Marketing Plan for LSQC Senior High School. Retrieved from: http://poverelloonline.lsqc.edu.ph/research/research.php?id=8.


Lourdes School Quezon City Senior High School (LSQC SHS) is marked with challenges during its initial year of roll out with the significant decrease in the number of enrollees from Junior High School. The study then aimed at recommending a marketing strategy and plan to determine the factors that affect the intention of students and parents to enroll in LSQC SHS and contribute to the school’s efforts to market the program. Data were gathered from surveys conducted among Grade 10 students and parents, as well as from a focused group discussion (FGD) which involved the student representatives, school administrators, and parents; thus, adopting the mixed-method design analyzing data through regression and descriptive statistics. Findings reveal that almost 82% of the current batch of Grade 10 students intends to stay in LSQC for SHS, while 52% of the Grade 10 parents from the former Grade 10 batch stated that they were satisfied with their child’s stay during LSQC Junior High School. This study was established to help the school capitalize on branding an augmented experience by affording students the necessary experience in gaining knowledge, skills, values, and practices aligned with their desired college programs and career goals.


Adriano, M.

Alcaraz, X.

Guinto, M.

Navelgas, J.

Castro, T.

Lim, M.

Napenas, E.

Palencia, L.

Yap, D.

Enriquez, C.