Disaster Oriented Demographic Community Profile of Barangay Paang Bundok

Keywords: Community Profile, Resilience , Disaster Risk, Demographics, &

Year Published: 2019

Research Promoter: Engr. Harmond Santos and Mr. Jose Kervin Cesar Calabias

Dantes Daryll, ., Eufeminiano Johnwell, ., Gasmido, J., & Miranda, G. (2019). Disaster Oriented Demographic Community Profile of Barangay Paang Bundok. Retrieved from: http://poverelloonline.lsqc.edu.ph/research/research.php?id=30.


The Philippines has always been vulnerable to disasters as it is found in the Pacific Ring of Fire. This quantitative research study aimed at creating a community profile that focused on identifying the demographics, characteristics, attitudes, and practices of the residents of Barangay Paang Bundok towards disasters. The breadwinners of 312 households computed using Slovin’s formula with a margin of error of 5% and a population size of 1400, were used as respondents of this study. Through a survey questionnaire, the demographic profile of the residents in barangay Paang Bundok; specifically, the age, gender, civil status, nationality, mother tongue, second language, educational attainment, job type and date of salary were described. The results of the study showed that the population of the households of the barangay is mostly composed of female residents. Overall, the barangay has a young population who are pursuing a college degree or already have one. The results showed that there are conflicts with the attitudes and practices of the respondents towards DRRM. Given the results, the study was able to create a community profile of the residents that can be used for different purposes in the future such as future researches either by the barangay or by other sectors. The study recommends that the barangay uses the data in the profile as a reference for their future projects and project implementations particularly in their community disaster risk management plan.


Dantes Daryll, .

Eufeminiano Johnwell, .

Gasmido, J.

Miranda, G.