Acoustic and Ergonomic Assessment and Redesign of LSQC Classrooms and Furniture

Keywords: Ergonomics, Acoustics , body-furniture mismatch, learning environment, &

Year Published: 2019

Research Promoter: Engr. Marco Gabriel Batario

Apolinar, K., Astor, J., Ocenar, A., & Simbulan, J. (2019). Acoustic and Ergonomic Assessment and Redesign of LSQC Classrooms and Furniture. Retrieved from: http://poverelloonline.lsqc.edu.ph/research/research.php?id=26.


The goal of quality education is to provide students with a platform optimized for learning and teaching that will enable a safe, efficient, and comfortable exchange of knowledge. As such, it was seen that aside from the academic curriculum and teacher’s capabilities and class-room management, the classroom environment was seen to have a huge impact in the capabil-ity of a student to learn efficiently. This paper studied the classroom environment of LSQC classrooms specifically its acoustic and ergonomic qualities. Four rooms were observed for the acoustics part of the study, while, 480 students were randomly chosen for the ergonomics. The study has employed a reverberation test to inspect the resonance of speech intelligibility within the rooms and has conducted a body dimension and furniture mismatch to test the er-gonomic capability of the room. Results showed that LSQC classrooms lack the capacity to maintain speech intelligibility within the entire room. Further, the furniture students used seemed to have failed to meet the anthropometric measurements; thus, resulting in the dispari-ty in body-to-furniture interval computed. These results indicate that LSQC classrooms failed to provide acceptable ergonomic features for safe, comfortable, and efficient learning envi-ronment. These conditions may lead to the physical impediment to students after a rigorous amount of time exposure. Thus, it is recommended that the school refurbish the classrooms by fixing broken fixtures, installing acoustic-boosting materials, and utilizing more ergonomic seats and tables.


Apolinar, K.

Astor, J.

Ocenar, A.

Simbulan, J.