21st Century Concept Design of Lourdes School Quezon City Senior High School Library

Keywords: 21st century, Quezon City , user’s satisfaction, perceptions, & requirements and guidelines

Year Published: 2019

Research Promoter: Engr. Marco Gabriel Batario

Alvarez, J., Canlas, A., Catena, Y., & Viray, K. (2019). 21st Century Concept Design of Lourdes School Quezon City Senior High School Library. Retrieved from: http://poverelloonline.lsqc.edu.ph/research/research.php?id=25.


The academic learning environment is changing. Requirements are set to higher standards for students to fully work on their potentials and needs. One of which is the integral role of the library as a learning tool on environment for students. As such, in line with the K-12 curriculum, evaluating high school library in Lourdes School Quezon City should focus on addressing the growing population of the senior high school (SHS) community. The research aimed to describe the needs of the existing library and provide optional conceptual designs given the additional proposed space for the high school library in line with the needs of the SHS students. Specifically, the research intended to (1) identify the space adequacy of the areas of the Audio Visual Room (AVR) and Instructional Media Center (IMC) of the school using the population of the high school students; (2) identify the preferences of the SHS students, selected administrators, and library staff for an efficient high school library; (3) to create a concept design of the library using AutoCAD and Autodesk 3ds Max that considered the standards, principles, and preferences; and (4) to provide a preliminary budgetary requirement for the proposed Lourdes School Quezon City SHS Library.


Alvarez, J.

Canlas, A.

Catena, Y.

Viray, K.