Portable Retractable Ramp Prototype

Keywords: Ramps, Portability , Retractability, PWD, & Heavy Load

Year Published: 2018

Research Promoter: Mr. Jonathan De La Cruz

Caralian, D., Chuacuco, G., De Leon, J., Fajardo, A., Guerra, A., Rubio, R., & Abuzo, N. (2018). Portable Retractable Ramp Prototype. Retrieved from: http://poverelloonline.lsqc.edu.ph/research/research.php?id=15.


Schools, colleges or any type of establishments are required to have ramps for the convenience of persons with disabilities (PWDs) as mandated by Batas Pambansa Blg. 344: Accessibility Law. This research aims to create a portable retractable ramp prototype that will serve as a medium for transferring heavy equipment, and PWDs from lower to higher floors. The study focuses on the significance of having a ramp in Lourdes School Quezon City especially for selected offices. The researchers used a scale table (ARSTM and DRSTM) to determine the difficulty (DRSTM) and the acceptability (ARSTM) of the ramp in the following aspects: portability, retractability, traction, descent, ascent, stability, and convenience. Findings revealed that the ramp’s tensile strength is high enough to support the weight of at least 100-kg, that though it may be difficult to use the ramp, it is still acceptable according to the participant’s assessments and that its high inclination in high staircases makes it difficult to use. In conclusion, the prototype can still be used but only with selected staircases where the inclination would not prove hazardous. With this attempt of advancing the portable ramp technology, the researchers recommend for other studies to use multiple sites for testing and to modify the ramp’s design and material.


Caralian, D.

Chuacuco, G.

De Leon, J.

Fajardo, A.

Guerra, A.

Rubio, R.

Abuzo, N.