Automated Club Enlistment and Club Moderator Evaluation

Keywords: Club, Club Moderator , Enlistment, Evaluation, & Automated System

Year Published: 2018

Research Promoter: Mr. Joey Laygo

Adriano, C., Paredes, Q., Tan, A., Umlas, K., & Celoso, C. (2018). Automated Club Enlistment and Club Moderator Evaluation. Retrieved from: http://poverelloonline.lsqc.edu.ph/research/research.php?id=10.


Several manual processes are being converted to online or automated forms because the latter is more cost-efficient and convenient. The same applies to the prototype, the Automated Club Enlistment, and Club Moderator Evaluation (ACE-C-ME) in Lourdes School Quezon City (LSQC), which eliminates traditional processes that involve the use of pen and paper. Students can easily enlist in clubs and evaluate club moderators through the automated system. On the other hand, the Student Activities Coordinator (SAC) can also view the results of enlistment and evaluation.


Adriano, C.

Paredes, Q.

Tan, A.

Umlas, K.

Celoso, C.