Poverello Online: An Online Research Database

Keywords: Poverello, Online , Database, Computer, & Multidisciplinary

Year Published: 2019

Research Promoter: Ergel Muan

Chua, J., Del Rosario, J., Dizon, G., & Magtibay, J. (2019). Poverello Online: An Online Research Database. Retrieved from: http://poverelloonline.lsqc.edu.ph/research/research.php?id=1.


Currently, the research outputs of Lourdesian senior high school students are collected as hard bound copies and stored in the high school library. This limits students from accessing copies only through the library, one at a time. Using PHP and HTML, researchers formulated a solution for this problem, if not, a modification. Poverello Online: An Online Re-search Database was designed to create an online platform for research output storage/database of Lourdesian senior high school students. An action research design was adopted to discover the possible features the website may store. Through this website, the research outputs can be accessed and utilized with efficiency using the functions the website has, which include a search and a citation function. An administrator account also has added functions such as creating accounts for users and uploading new researches.


Chua, J.

Del Rosario, J.

Dizon, G.

Magtibay, J.